1.     Tipperary On My Mind

2.     Crystal Chandeliers

3.     World Of Our Own

4.     Blackboard Of My Heart

5.     Bed Of Roses

6.     Heaven Holds All My Treasures

7.     Back In County Antrim

8.     Bright Silvery Light Of The Moon

9.     Sing Me Back Home

10.   Pretty Little Girl From Omagh

  1. 11.  Could I have This Dance For The Rest Of My Life

  2. 12.  Don’t Let Me Cross Over

1.     Mother’s Chair

2.     She Thinks I Still Care

3.     Sunset Years Of Life

4.     Your Wedding Day

5.     Cottage In The Country

6.     Walking Piece Of Heaven

7.     Mary With The Golden Hair

8.     Home To Donegal

9.     Old Love Letters

10.   Going Back To Ireland Again

11.   Old Flames

12.   Going Out The Same Way

        You Came In

1.  I'm Over Getting Over You

2. Singing The Blues

3. Pretty In Blue

4. Mind Of A Child

5. I'm Into Something Good

6. Ave Maria

7. Ten Guitars

8. Wise Old World

9. Bye Bye Love

10. Lucky Lips

11. God's Plan

12. Spirit In The Sky

BRAND NEW ALBUM - “I'm Over Getting Over You”

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1.     If Teardrops Were Pennies

2.     Roslare Harbour

3.     Big Tom Is Still The King

4.     Connemara Marble Ring

5.     Far Side Banks Of Jordan

6.     After All These Years

7.     Cottage By The Sea

8.     Coat Of Many Colours

9.     Blanket On The Ground

10.   One Day At A Time

11.   Old Father Time

12.   How Great Thou Art